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My art has inspired motivated and brought joy and happiness to many people of all works of life around the world. A prominent journalist once dubbed my paintings as HAPPY PAINTINGS. Since then my paintings has been named HAPPY PAINTINGS. For this I want to thank the news media in Manitoba such as CTV, Global TV, especially CBC TV and Radio and many more news network that has done much to promote my work. I believe that everything such as people, culture, tradition and religion is connected. When the Heritage Festival Association asked me to do the poster for the 2020 event I was beyond excited. The Heritage Festival believes in inclusion, diversity,  multiculturalism and that is what the poster symbolize. Its inviting, it causes you to think, it speaks directly to your soul, it open up your imagination and invite you to explore your spiritual conscience. 


It is a privilege and honor to work with the Edmonton Heritage Festival Team.


Gibril Bangura

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