Reflections on Australia Cities

by Luke  Holcombe



This photo of a school crossing in Adelaide was taken by my cousin. Not in shot is the crossing guard. We call them Lollipop Men/Women in Australia as the circular stop sign they hold looks like a giant lollipop to the kids. Adelaide has some beautiful aged sandstone homes which keep houses cool during 40+ degrees summer days. Photo credit – Anna Cope.




The Brisbane River snakes through Queensland’s capital and beyond. While the bustling city adorns one side, a fantastic open space lagoon rests on the other for tourists and locals to swim, sunbathe and enjoy. Brisbane is a relaxed town but the humidity can be brutal to visitors. When I was working up there, a 10-minute walk to site would require a change of shirt. Photo credit – Sarah Hopkins.




Canberra is Australia’s capital, and like Ottawa, doesn’t get much press outside its own country. One of my oldest mates just moved there from Paris and took this pic on his walk around Lake Burley Griffin, a manmade lake that exists as a central point within the city. Photo credit – Chris McDonald.





A fun and lively city, Darwin is the capital of, and the gateway to what I believe is Australia’s most unique area, the Northern Territory. I once blew a tire on the road out of Darwin in a mate’s ute (truck). After a change we persevered and had a great day at Litchfield, Edith Falls and Katherine Gorge. Absolutely stunning area. Photo credit – Lisa Evans.




The fantastically casual capital of Tasmania, Hobart, is not just the finish line for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. It boasts a great museum of modern art and some spectacular landscapes. I fondly remember a footy trip where we sat at Bellerive oval on the lawn watching the cricket and sipping cans. Photo credit – Peter F.




My hometown and the spiritual home of Australian Rules Football. Also, one of the great culinary capitals of the world too! Each corner of Melbourne hosts fantastic multicultural eateries and each borrows from the other to create new delights. I took this photo at last year’s AFL Grand Final. Horrible game, Richmond were clearly dominating as early as the second quarter, so we migrated to the bar and finished out the day there.




If you think Brisbane is relaxed, Perth is downright sleepy. With such consistently warm weather, to complement their world class beaches many houses have backyard pools. Ben, who took this photo, lived in St. Albert with his beautiful family during 2019, but they seem to be doing ok back there now. Photo Credit – Ben Kelly.




Looking down from far above at the jagged expanse of rivers and inlet systems, you can see that Sydney has a vast amount of waterfront property with great recreational spaces and scenery. This is Dan and pup enjoying some of that space. Every year on his husband’s birthday Dan makes an elaborate and amazing cake. I always look forward to the photo appearing on social media. Photo Credit – Blake Muir.