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The Edmonton Australian Football Club (EAFC) were invited to participate in the Edmonton Heritage Festival in 2017 creating the first-ever Australian Pavillion


EAFC History

Established in 2008 by the formation of the Edmonton's Emu's Women's Football Team, the EAFC have celebrated over 13 years of community engagement through Footy right here in Edmonton. 


Heritage Festival 2017


We wanted to provide a little taste of Australia through a drink very familiar to Australians called "lemon, lime, and bitters." Through feedback from our patrons we found that our drinks were the ideal refreshment on a hot Heritage Festival day. 

"An unassuming drink, made with ingredients from all over the world, the lemon, lime and bitters is the story of colonial Australia in a glass. Our forebears made it by mixing together what they had - a Mongrel drink for a Mongrel country." 

With our Pavilion based beside the Water, it was a fantastic opportunity to present another very Australian pastime of being on the beach. Our EAFC Volunteers donned the traditional Surf Life Saving caps and even provided Surf Lifesaving Demonstrations, obviously without the surf!


Heritage Festival 2018

Scrambling for another option, we turned to an Aussie favourite. We literally put a "Shrimp on the Barbie", we offered prawns (what we call shrimp) on a skewer with a dressing straight off the BBQ which again appeared very popular. 


This was our first year selling food at the festival, again we wanted food that would represent our sun-burnt country well. We chose Vegemite on toast as this is a staple for nearly all children growing up in Australia. Orginially produced from a by-product of beer production, this uniquely tasting spread has proven to be a love-it or hate-it experience for many people who have tried it outside of our Australian Pavillion offering. The secret is in the application which is so aptly demonstrated in this video:  

unnamed (1).jpg


Our second food option was a Kangaroo slider with a Bush Tomato Relish. Yes, we sourced Kangaroo Mince, had our many EAFC Volunteers mix it with local ingredients to form a patty for our sliders. Our volunteers also produced the Bush Tomato Relish again with local ingredients and the imported Bush Tomato powder. We did under-estimate the popularity of our sliders because we had completely sold out by the middle of day 2 of the festival. 


We wanted to provide a Footy experience for the kids attending the Heritage Festival, we would conduct daily presentations of Footy including as many kids of all ages as possible. All reports said a fun time was had by all, even the kids. 

Heritage Festival 2019

We felt we were well prepared for this year's event with the experience of 2018 under our belts. We had our famous Kangaroo Sliders again; we could not believe how many people said that they missed out last year and were looking forward to hopping in and trying our offering this year. This time we had Sliders available well into the third day along with our Vegemite on toast and Lemon and Lime Bitters. Again, our community of EAFC volunteers was amazing in supporting the Australian Pavillion before and after the event. 


Indigenous Australian Hockey Team Alberta Tour 2020

The EAFC was privileged to be involved in the first-ever tour by an Indigenous Australian Hockey Team hosted by the many Canadian Indigenous comminutes across Alberta. We were very proud to provide support for the Kaurna Boomerangs which is a group of wonderful Australian Hockey players who are based in Adelaide South Australia. They were treated to the typical Edmonton Winter with outdoor Hockey in -30 deg C temperatures, we can only imagine the lifetime of memories that this group took with them back to Australia.

unnamed (2).jpg

Heritage Festival 2020

unnamed (3).jpg

With the public health crisis deepening throughout 2020, we were happy that the Festival went ahead online keeping us all together communicating and united as best we could during very trying times. With the festival going online, we found another opportunity to share a taste of Australia by teaming up with a local company called South Island Pies for one of Australia’s most iconic foods. The good old Aussie Pie was offered. Whether smothered in sauce (tomato ketchup) or drowned in peas (pie floater) this delectable Aussie favourite is definitely a great accompaniment to watching any sporting event.


Bonza = Good

Bathers = Swimsuit

Budgy Smugglers = Speedo swimsuit

Cozzie = Swimsuit

Togs = Swimsuit

Bogun = A person who is unrefined or unsophisticated

Bingle = Car accident

Bludger = someone who is lazy

Buckleys = No hope

Bottle-O = Liquor Store

Chokkers = Full

Chunder = Vomit

Clucky = Feeling Maternal

Cockie = Cockroach

Corker = Something good

Crook = Criminal

Crook = Feeling unwell

Claytons = Pretender

Drop Bear = Koala

Devoed = Devastated

Dipstick = Loser

Dead Horse = Tomato Ketchup

Dinky-Di = Genuine

Duffer = Silly person

Dunny = Toilet

Esky = Cooler

Flake = Shark fillets (Victorian food staple)

Franger - Condom

Furphy - Not true

Galah = Silly person

Grog = Beer

Grouse = Awesome

Goog = Egg

Gobsmacked = Surprised

Hooroo = Goodbye

Jillaroo = Female station hand

Larrikin = Joker

Lippy = Lipstick

Lob = High ball

Lollies = Candy

Maccas = McDonald's
Moolah = Money
Mozzie = Mosquito

Nuddy = Naked

Op Shop = Second-hand goods store

Ocker = Typical Aussie

Plonker = Silly person

Plonk = Cheap wine

Pash = Romantic Kiss

Pozzy = Position

Pav = Pavlova (Desert)

Perve = Leering

Pokies = Poker or Slot machines

Quid = Money

Root = Have relations with your partner

Roadie - A drink for the journey home

Rapt = Pleased

Rego = Car registration

Ripper = Really good

Rellie = Relatives

Reckon = Absolutely

Ropeable = Angry

Arvo = This afternoon

Sook = Sulking

Salvo's = Salvation Army

Sanger = Sandwich

Screamer = Great Mark (Aussie Rules Football)

Scratchy = Scratch Lottery ticket

Squizz = Take a look

Snag = Sausage

Smoko = Take a break

Shonky = Dodgy

Stoked = Pleased

Servo = Petrol Station

Spag Bol = Spaghetti Bolognese

Sprung = Caught out

Spewin = Angry

Spunk = Someone who is good looking

Slab = 24 pack of beer

Stonkered = Baffled or perplexed

Strewth = Exclamation or to emphasize

Stubby = Bottle of beer

Stuffed = Full after a meal
Sunnies = Sunglasses

Throw Downs = Small bottle of beer

Thongs = Flip Flops

Taswegian = Tasmanian

Tinny = Can of beer

Tinny = Lucky

Tinny = Aluminium boat

Trough Lollie = Urinal Cakes

Tracky Dacks = Tracksuit pants

Tucker = Food

Turps = Alcohol

Tee-up = Make an arrangement
Ute = Pickup truck

Ugg Boots = Sheepskin boots for Winter

Vee Dub = Volkswagon

Vego = Vegetarian

Whacker = Fool

Wobbly = Announce disappointment

Wobbly Boot = Drunk

Woop Woop = Outback town

XXXX = Beer in Queensland

Yabby = Freshwater lobster

Yakka = Work

Yobbo = Loud and obnoxious person

Chuck a shrimp on the barbie = SAID NO AUSSIE EVER!

Arial Ping pong = Aussie Rules Football

Bloody Oath = Definitely true

Come a gutser = Fall over

Nut it Out = To work something out

Chuck a Sickie = Day off work

Fit as a Mallee Bull = Healthy and Strong

Cut the cheese = Pass wind

Dingoes Dinner = A pee and a look around

Driving the Porcelain Bus = Vomiting

Mystery Bag = Sausage Roll

Maggot Bag = Pie

No Wukkas = No worries

Knocked back = Refusal

Mickey Mouse = Good

Porky Pies = Telling lies

Fair Dinkum = True?

Flat Bikkie = As fast as possible

Fruit Loop = Silly person

Piece of Piss = Easy

Pig's Bum = No way

Rip One Off = Have relations with your partner

Horizontal Folk Dance = Have relations with your partner

Give it a Burl = Have a go

Holey Dooly = Surprising

Have a goodun = Enjoy yourself

Rack Off = Leave me alone

Ridgy Didge = Genuine

Raw Prawn = Bad deal

Rip Snorter = Fantastic

Shoot Through = Leave

Spit the Dummy = Have a tantrum

Sticky Beak = Nosy Person

No wukkas mate, she'll be right = No worries everything will be good.

Stubby short of a six pack = Not very intelligent
Like a dunny (toilet) seat on party night = Someone who is up and down

Couldn't drive ducks to water in a drought = Bad Driver

Carrying on like a Pork Chop! = Someone who is upset

Fair suck of the Sav! = Be Fair now

Looks like a dog's breakfast = Very untidy

Wrap your laughing gear around that = Food offered to you.

You are having a Ripsnorter of a game = You played well

You are having a cracker of a game = as above

Better than a slap in the face with a wet fish = Could always be worse

You have Buckley's hope in hell = No chance

Pull the wool over your eyes = Trying to deceive

Put a sock in it = Stop talking

Six of a dozen, half dozen of the other = You will get the same result whichever way you choose

Onya bike = Time to leave

Onya Sonya = Well done

Have a go ya mug = Give it a try

Hit the frog and toad = Time to leave by car

Away with the pixies = Dreamer

Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt = Whatever it is you are doing, it will be all right

Crack a tinny = Open a can of beer

Don't get your knickers in a knot = Don't get so upset

I am going to do the "Harold Holt" = Leave

Up the Duff = Pregnant

White Pointers = Topless bathers

Chuck a Yewy = U-Turn

Flat chat = Going as fast as you can

Full as a goog = I can't eat anymore

What do you do for a Crust = What do you do for a living?

Do you live in a Tent = Close the door

Fly’s are bad = Your trouser zip is undone

Wouldn’t pull the skin off a custard = Refers to a slow vehicle

Need to tape the headlights up so it can’t see the hills = as above

Australian Cities

by Luke  Holcombe



This photo of a school crossing in Adelaide was taken by my cousin. Not in the shot is the crossing guard. We call them Lollipop Men/Women in Australia as the circular stop sign they hold looks like a giant lollipop to the kids. Adelaide has some beautiful aged sandstone homes which keep houses cool during 40+ degrees summer days. Photo credit – Anna Cope.




The Brisbane River snakes through Queensland’s capital and beyond. While the bustling city adorns one side, a fantastic open space lagoon rests on the other for tourists and locals to swim, sunbathe and enjoy. Brisbane is a relaxed town but the humidity can be brutal to visitors. When I was working up there, a 10-minute walk to site would require a change of shirt. Photo credit – Sarah Hopkins.




Canberra is Australia’s capital, and like Ottawa, doesn’t get much press outside its own country. One of my oldest mates just moved there from Paris and took this pic on his walk around Lake Burley Griffin, a manmade lake that exists as a central point within the city. Photo credit – Chris McDonald.





A fun and lively city, Darwin is the capital of, and the gateway to what I believe is Australia’s most unique area, the Northern Territory. I once blew a tire on the road out of Darwin in a mate’s ute (truck). After a change, we persevered and had a great day at Litchfield, Edith Falls and Katherine Gorge. Absolutely stunning area. Photo credit – Lisa Evans.




The fantastically casual capital of Tasmania, Hobart, is not just the finish line for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. It boasts a great museum of modern art and some spectacular landscapes. I fondly remember a footy trip where we sat at Bellerive oval on the lawn watching the cricket and sipping cans. Photo credit – Peter F.




My hometown and the spiritual home of Australian Rules Football. Also, one of the great culinary capitals of the world too! Each corner of Melbourne hosts fantastic multicultural eateries and each borrows from the other to create new delights. I took this photo at last year’s AFL Grand Final. Horrible game, Richmond were clearly dominating as early as the second quarter, so we migrated to the bar and finished out the day there.




If you think Brisbane is relaxed, Perth is downright sleepy. With such consistently warm weather, to complement their world-class beaches many houses have backyard pools. Ben, who took this photo, lived in St. Albert with his beautiful family during 2019, but they seem to be doing ok back there now. Photo Credit – Ben Kelly.




Looking down from far above at the jagged expanse of rivers and inlet systems, you can see that Sydney has a vast amount of waterfront property with great recreational spaces and scenery. This is Dan and pup enjoying some of that space. Every year on his husband’s birthday Dan makes an elaborate and amazing cake. I always look forward to the photo appearing on social media. Photo Credit – Blake Muir.

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