Welcome to Beautiful Barbados!

International sporting events, world-class chefs and mixologists, lively festivals, an active energy nightlife and of course beach activities, Barbados has all that and more.

But one would expect nothing less from the country that brought rum to the world, originated the grapefruit and is the birthplace of megastar Rihanna.

Only 166 square miles and 11.5 flying hours from Edmonton and five and a half from Toronto, this easternmost island of the Caribbean seems much larger than it is and has often been described as punching above its weight.

Barbadians who are informally called Bajans, are proud of the island’s accomplishments. Some include a ranking of 7th in the Americas and 58th in the world in the UN Human Development Index 2018; a low crime rate that provides a secure environment for residents and visitors alike; pristine beaches; world class amenities and array of recreational activities.

Globally, it is recognized as a destination of choice for vacationers.

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Barbadians will tell you that Barbados has the best beaches in the world. No bias there! But the white, powdery sandy beaches make this a tropical island paradise.

In addition to chilling on the beach there are many water-based activities to choose from. Don’t forget the rum punch! And sunscreen, beach hat and umbrella.

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Food & Drink

Oistin's Fish Fry
Oistin's Fish Fry

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Barbados is regarded as the culinary capital of the Caribbean.

For food and beverage lovers, a trip there is a ‘to do’. A bonus is that delicious treats of the widest variety can be enjoyed while surrounded by the most beautiful island in the world.

Renowned for its diversity, variety and freshness Barbadian cuisine is a mixture of AfricanPortugueseIndianIrishCreole and British influences.

With four and five star restaurants surveyed and rated by Zagat, Barbados is the first and only Caribbean island with its own Zagat Survey guide.

For a “no frills” Bajan experience, Friday night Oistins Fish Fry and is where the action happens. Freshly grilled fish and local rum are all a part of this pared-down experience, complete with eating at outdoor picnic tables. Added to the experience is the combination of live and DJ entertainment and a possible impromptu dance-off or two.

Unique beverages abound in Barbados. In addition to rum, fresh tropical juices are always ready to be served up, often made from seasonal fruit. One treat is the local twist on the daiquiri made from tropical golden apples.  


Fermented and distilled from sugar cane, this alcoholic beverage is celebrated in Barbados.

Mount Gay rum is considered the oldest rum in the world and Bajans are immensely proud of that fact. In fact, it is a part of all areas of Barbadian society. While on the island, visitors can take in tours at three distilleries.

Four Square
Four Square

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St. Nicholas Abbey
St. Nicholas Abbey

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Falernum’s origin may date back to the 18th century and Barbados credited with its origin. It contains flavors of gingerlime, almond, and most often cloves or allspice.  

It can be alcoholic (syrup liqueur) or non-alcoholic (syrup) with alcoholic versions generally lower in proof and used in mixing tropical cocktails. Alcoholic versions are often enjoyed on the rocks.

Mix Your Own Bajan Beverage!

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