In Honour of VirtualHeritageFest2020 and 

Multicultural MonthTM

We are re-releasing our 1994 recipe book

So here are some of the recipes you will find as produced by the folks that bring you the festival...

Sally Wu, Director, makes Stir Fried Rice Noodles, page 122

Narmin Hassam-Clark, President, makes Tyropitta, page 18

Deb F, Marketing makes Bolani, Page 83

Evonne Li, Director, makes Arroz Con Leche Page 129

Pearl Frederick, Director, makes Rouladen Page 80

Jim G, E.D., makes Partan Bree Page 34

Sue Ooraikul-Thomas, Past President, makes Embutido Page 78

Bruce Hogle, Director, makes Satay, page 25.

Sherilyn Trompetter, Director, makes Adobo Manok, page 77 

Lawrence Rodnunsky, Past President makes Bul-go-gi, page 86

Karen S. makes Vareneky, page 123