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... to the Ecuador & El Salvador pavilion!

With over 16 million people, Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America; and is the only country in which the equator runs through. It has four main geographic regions: La Costa (the coast), La Sierra (the highlands), La Amazonia or El Oriente (the oriente), and La Region Insular or Galapagos Island. Quito is the country’s capital city and just south of it lays Cotopaxi, the world’s highest active volcanoes.


Ecuador is one of seventeen megadiverse countries in the world and has the most biodiversity per square kilometer of any nation! Its largest export is bananas but they also supply the world with: flowers, cocoa, coffee, rice, potatoes, cassava, plantains and sugar cane.

El Salvador is the smallest country populated however in Central America. It is bordered by Honduras, Guatemala and the Pacific Ocean. It is the only Central American country that has no Caribbean coastline. It has three regions: the mountain ranges, central plateau and Pacific lowlands. Also rich in biodiversity, El Salvador is home to six out of eight sea turtles in the world!

Come and enjoy! Bienprovecho!

Behind the Scenes

History of the Ecuador/ El Salvador Pavilion

The Aymara Nuca Llacta society has represented Ecuadaor for over 25 years in the Heritage Festival. They started by participating in performances in other pavilions and after 2 years of that decided to represent Ecuador to its fullest as a separate pavilion. Ecuador is a diverse country and over the years through food, drinks, handcrafts and performances we have represented all of them. In 2018 we decided to partner with El Salvador to represent both countries as our community was becoming united and with that representation was excitedly started. Sharing both sides of these beautiful countries became our new goal. Through the support of the Edmonton community we have been able to see that goal achieved. When people visit our pavilion they are surprised to see that we are a family group and everyone is there with a smile and happy to help. Ensuring our culture is passed down in generations has always been the goal of our founders Floresmiloand Rosa Obando.


"Culture is important, roots are important so you know where you come from and its important to be proud of that and share it with people." - Floresmilo Obando