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Our Partners - EFCL


The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) was founded in 1921 and has been a proud supporter of diverse and inclusive communities ever since. We are happy to partner with the Edmonton Heritage Festival and their celebration of all the wonderful cultures and people in Edmonton. One of the goals of the EFCL is to help Community Leagues make everyone feel welcome in their neighbourhoods. Through diverse and accessible programming, outreach, and events, the EFCL and Community Leagues strive to represent the people that make Edmonton the caring and vibrant city that it is.


In celebration of our upcoming 100th anniversary, the EFCL has nearly complete a plaza in Hawrelak Park to honour the contributions of thousands of volunteers who have worked for their communities and Community Leagues. We want this plaza to be a place where people can gather and connect, a place where everyone can feel at home- and where they can feel inspired to make a difference in their own neighbourhoods. We hope that this monument to the spirit of Edmontonians serves as a reminder that kindness and openness help build strong communities and strong people.


To find out more about the EFCL and what we do, visit our website at

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