Sharing cultures is part of the Edmonton Virtual Heritage Festival

Festival Food Videos

Stewed greens over rice is one of the most popular and well-known Liberian meals. Made with sweet potato greens, kale is also a good substitute. Delicious.

Deceptively simple - this is how to make delicious Turkish Coffee. Start with fresh water, Turkish coffee grounds, your favorite cezve, and pay attention to the foam. It's all about the foam.

Chorizo, carnita and carne azada tacos are topped with easy-to-make, scrumptious sauces...a perfect taste of Central America!

These minced meat kebobs are the juiciest and amazingly flavorful kebabs ever! They take minimal ingredients but deliver maximum flavour.

Hummus recipe from Palestine pavilion. Creamy texture and enticing flavor. Make it at home and say goodbye to the store-bought varieties. Visit the Palestine pavilion at the Edmonton Heritage Festival for more authentic, delicious food.

Falafel: fun to say and so good to eat. This authentic recipe from Palestine is easy to make at home. Try it with homemade hummus and pita bread, and put the Palestine pavilion on your must-visit list at the Edmonton Heritage Festival in Hawrelak Park!

Authentic curry dish recipe from the India pavilion at the Edmonton Heritage Festival. Delicious and just enough spice. Enjoy all the Festival Food videos.

Traditional Filipino food served at gatherings and especially on birthdays since the long noodles symbolize long life. Visit the Edmonton Heritage Festival Philippine pavilion, or try this at home.

Spicy, delicious, vegetarian/vegan... this is Keye Wot, or Key Meser from the Ethiopian pavilion. Serve with Injera (flat bread) and enjoy.

Here's the secret to an Aussie savoury superstar - Vegemite on Toast.

Delicious, authentic and easy-to-make Jamaica Jerk Chicken. 

This delicious Sri Lankan street food can be made at home. Here's how!

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