Welcome from the Indian Community

The India pavilion has been part of the Edmonton Heritage Festival since 1976.

Here is a sample of their menu: Chicken Bhoona with Basmati Rice - boneless chicken cooked in a curry sauce with tomatoes and herbs Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice garbanzo beans cooked in a curry sauce with tomatoes and Indian herbs Pakoras - deep-fried fritters made with chick peas and flour Samosa - deep-fried dough filled with boiled potatoes, green beans, cumin and other spices Samosa with Chickpea Curry Bhel Puri Indian crackers, vegetables, tamarind sauce and green sauce Gulab Jamun - deep-fried dumplings, dipped in sugar Mango Juice Lemonade Chai Tea - black tea mixed with strong spices, cinnamon and ginger Naan Bread Indian flat bread



Cultural Goods


From our 1994 Cook Book