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The Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton (NECASE) is a non–profit community organization with over 5000 people of Nepalese origin and their friends living in and around Edmonton. NECASE volunteers of all ages have been participating in and contributing to the Nepalese Pavilion at Edmonton Heritage Festival since 2002 to showcase its art and crafts, cultural performances, as well as its authentic Nepalese food.

The cultural performances bring the rhythm and dances all the way from Mount Everest. Despite its small size, Nepal’s numerous ethnicities and cultural practices have turned the land into a beautiful cultural landscape. Nepal has more than 100 ethnic groups and more than 92 languages. Each ethnic group has its own culture and tradition, along with distinct music, dance, and instruments. Every year, NECASE volunteers make a great effort to bring this artistically rich culture through various performances. Children and youths are also actively participating in and contributing to the pavilion through these magnificent cultural performances.

In addition to the excellent performances of Nepalese culture, the visitors can enjoy the taste of Nepal, in our food pavilion. Delicious food examples include Momo, Chicken Curry, Rice and Dal, Pakora, Mango Lassi, Nepalese Chiya Latte.

We also maintain our Nepalese arts and crafts pavilion, where visitors can find various collections of unique arts and crafts from Nepal. Inside the stall, visitors can make Nepali arts and crafts their own.

All in all, Nepal Pavilion has been offering visitors the unique taste of Nepal in the Edmonton Heritage Festival for almost two decades while demonstrating vibrant volunteer spirit in our community and supporting the well-known multicultural spirit of Edmonton and Canada.



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History of Nepali Culture in Edmonton


Nepali culture in Edmonton is observed by celebrating festivals. One of the main cultural celebration is Dashain festival, and it commemorate victory of truth over lies, victory of light over darkness and victory of God over demon. In Dashain, young people pay respect to elders and receive blessings. It is celebrated for fifteen days. We also celebrate family relationship by observing fasting and worshiping. One of them is Teej. Ladies wear red costumes in Teej festival. Tihar is celebrated to strengthen relationship between brother and sister. Brother and sister wear vermillion colored rice on forehead to observe Bhai Tikaa and wish good health for each other in Tihar. Nepali New Year is celebrated in the middle of April. Because of pendamic the celebration was done virtually this year in April 18, 2020.


We showcase our culture by participating in Heritage festival. Momo is Nepali ethnic food loved by all in Nepal pavilion. We also showcase arts, artifacts, and costumes in Heritage Festival. Nepalese community in Edmonton also promotes its culture through Juneli  School of Nepali language and culture. Radio Kathmandu aired in CJSR 88.5 FM also promotes Nepali culture.