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Welcome from the Russian Community

“ For over 10 years Russian Pavilion was a proud member of the Heritage Festival family. Over the years beautiful women in traditional Russian headdresses (kokoshnik) welcomed visitors and served delicious dishes. Beer lovers enjoyed chilled and refreshing KVASS – a fermented beverage commonly made from the rye bread. Fun fact: Coca Cola launched its own brand of kvass in Russia in 2008, as this beverage is hugely popular in the country. We surrounded our guests with bright and colorful arts and culture displays, where you would be able to immerse into an old style of country living. There is no doubt that festival attendees remember our full of life performances, fantastic costumes, and acrobatic jumps. Finally, the audience was dancing along with our dancers traditional Russian khorovod - circle dance with more than 1000 years history, which connects people of all ages and all cultures. One of unforgettable moments was the receipt of awards in all categories, highlighting our hard work in entertainment, food, and pavilion decoration. Our international volunteer team will be missing you this year with the hope to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones during the next full format Heritage Festival. ”

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Cultural Items